Abi Fellows

“Abi Fellows is a literary agent at DHH Literary Agency and was shortlisted for Literary Agent of the Year at the British Book Awards (aka the Nibbies) in 2023.

She has incredibly broad experience in the industry, having started in bookselling in 2001. After a stint on the sales team of Faber and Faber and a return to education to complete an MA in modernism and postmodernism at University College London, Abi began her agenting career with Georgina Capel Associates in 2004.

Abi then moved into literary scouting at RR Ltd for seven years, working with overseas publishers and TV and film production companies. In 2019 she returned to agenting at The Good Literary Agency, building a list focused on amplifying and championing writers from backgrounds that had traditionally been marginalised. She moved to DHH in 2023.”