Mission and Vision


To create a more representative, inclusive and imaginative literary arena for writers and readers of all kinds


The Primadonna Festival is the first literary festival, in the UK, to specifically give prominence to women writers, BIPOC authors, members of the LGBTQI+ community, working class authors, those with disabilities and groups who have traditionally been disadvantaged in the arts by their background or circumstance.

We strive to tackle the current imbalance in the literary and publishing world, providing a more representative, inclusive, democratic, respectful, forgiving and imaginative literary arena for writers and readers of all kinds, creating a platform for new and emerging writers alongside established names, and offering unparalleled access for aspiring writers to the expertise of those already in the industry.

We provide physical and digital spaces that are safe, accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all of our artists, participants and audiences.

Launched ahead of the first Primadonna Festival, the Primadonna Prize is opening up access to the publishing industry, offering unrepresented and unpublished writers an opportunity to break through. It is judged anonymously – judges are given no information on the entrants – and without regard to grammar or spelling: a first for a literary prize. The focus is squarely on the artistic potential of the authors.

Primadonna was founded to make space for subjects and ideas that are ignored or marginalised in the mainstream. To create an environment where everyone is welcome. To tackle a lack of diversity and inclusion with positive action. To democratise access to literature in particular and the arts in general. And above all, to create a new, safe and respectful community. We call our festival “the world as it should be for one weekend”.