Primadonna is a family friendly festival. Our policy is not to have separate kids’ areas because, for some of us, weekends are a great opportunity to hang out with our children. Instead we make sure that there is always something happening that kids will enjoy.

However there are a few things to note before your family arrive:

  •      We don’t allow anyone under 16 to be at the festival over the weekend without an adult of 18 or over.

  •      Children under 10 years old need to be accompanied on site at all times.

  •      All under 16s need to be accompanied by an over 18 through the entry and exit gates to the festival site.

  •      It is a good idea to take a photo of your children on your mobile phone in the morning so that you have the most recent photo on you

The camping field is less than five minutes’ walk from the main stage area, so there will be some noise spill for those who are camping.  However, late night events will be held away from this area to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep – if they want one!  

While you’re at Primadonna, your kids will be free to explore the onsite farm and barn. For all budding Chris Packhams or Anita Ranis, there’s the chance to meet Zippo the Suffolk Punch Horse, the Suffolk Sheep, Large Black Pigs and Red Poll Cattle, as well as to spot how many varieties of fruit grow in the orchard.

We promise they won’t miss their iPads… but if we’re wrong, there’ll be charging points onsite to ensure family harmony is maintained throughout the weekend.