Bee Rowlatt

“Bee Rowlatt is the author of the award-winning travelogue In Search of Mary (Alma Books, 2015) co-author of the bestselling Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad (Penguin, 2010) and contributor to Virago’s Fifty Shades of Feminism. Bee led the campaign for the Mary Wollstonecraft memorial – the most trolled artwork in living memory – and came out fighting across national and international media.

She programmes events at the British Library, and has chaired writers all over the world, been a BBC producer, taught English to the Vice-President of Colombia and worked in a coleslaw factory. Bee is a regular on TV and radio, and has written for the BBC, Telegraph, Times, Grazia, Die Welt, Guardian and Daily Mail. She now lives in London, but hails from Yorkshire, and used to be a showgirl.

One Woman Crime Wave is her first foray into fiction. “Bee’s take on an unequal society doesn’t come with a side helping of gloom. Instead, her bitterly funny work reflects a wish for a saner, more civilised London.” (Camden New Journal)”