Jane Oremosu

“Jane is an experienced business consultant, executive coach, thought leader and deliberate
change agent. She founded her first consultancy business in 2018 after spending 27 years in
leadership roles within the corporate world, and cofounded her second business in 2020.
Jane’s consultancy business has taken her to Australia and Nigeria working with,
and alongside members of Indigenous and Black communities. She is a trusted partner and strategic
advisor to many of her clients in the UK, Australia and Nigeria.
In 2020 she set up I-Cubed with Dr Maggie Semple OBE. A professional services company that provides
tailored DEI solutions to enable companies to transform themselves.
Jane co-authored her first book with Maggie in 2021 and a second one in 2023. My Little Black Book:
A Blacktionary – The pocket guide to the language of race was published on 5 Oct 2023 by Penguin
Random House. A thought leader in the evolving language of race, Jane offers a unique perspective
on the impact language has on internal dialogue and frames of reference. She is a great supporter of empowering women and is a regular panel member at Women in Business