Katie Ward

“Katie Ward is an award-winning author and a creative writing lecturer at University of Suffolk. Her new novel PATHWAYS (Fleet 2024) is contemporary fiction:

‘Cara is a dedicated neuroscientist with a research post at Cambridge. Heather is her almost-stepdaughter, drifting towards the end of school, trying to picture a future that fits her. Paul is Cara’s partner and Heather’s father – and when he disappears with no explanation, these two very different women, legally and biologically unrelated, need to figure out their place in each other’s life. Set in Cambridge and Las Vegas, each city in its way as artificial as the other, Pathways is about connections forged and connections failed. A novel of both the heart and the head, it is perceptive, wry and unexpectedly moving, a love story of deep originality and intelligence.’

‘I adored this novel’ – Amanda Hodgkinson
‘Fabulous!’ – Eva Verde
‘Compelling and original’ – Jessica Cornwell

In 2013, Katie received the Clarissa Luard Award from Hilary Mantel. Her first novel GIRL READING (Virago 2011) received high critical praise on both sides of the Atlantic. It was a Cactus TV Book Club selection and a book of the week on The Oprah Blog.

katieward.co.uk or @katiewardwriter on socials.