Lia Rye

Lia Rye is a 20-year-old alternative rock artist based in Leeds. Her melodic vocals, insightful storytelling and blasting riffs captivate listeners and audiences alike. Having released her debut single ‘Novacaine’ at age 15, Rye has plenty of “ambition to burn”. Taking inspiration from the likes of YONAKA, Bloc Party and Royal Blood, Rye has established her exclusive sound with varied foundations. With the formation of a new band, Rye has expanded her musical soundscape and deepened her love for live music. During 2023, Rye and her band explored the Leeds gig circuit. With electrifying performances at venues such as Stylus, Hyde Park Book Club, Lending Room and Northern Guitars under her belt, Lia Rye is taking the next steps in her sonic journey in 2024.